The 5th Street Center for Dance LLC is dedicated to providing the best dance instruction in Fairmont and surrounding areas.  Our qualified instructors teach a variety of Dance disciplines to Dancers ages 2 and up, as well as beginner through advanced levels.  Please check our “Classes” tab to learn more about the disciplines offered to our students.  It is our goal to share our passion for Dance with our Dancers and inspire in them creativity, individuality and dedication.  Dancers strengthen and develop proper technique through weekly classes, culminating in  two annual  performances, one during December and the other in June.  Our Dancers are given every opportunity to succeed and  display their developed talents on stage.  We believe that every child has potential and we strive to develop that potential into talented and entertaining dancers and performers.

The 5th Street Center for Dance LLC is located at 430 Fairmont Avenue, the corner of Fairmont Avenue and 5th Street. Our building houses two waiting areas and a bathroom/dressing room providing over 700 sq. feet of space for our parents/students.  Our entire studio and waiting room spaces have been newly remodeled to offer a sleek, modern, inspirational environment for our students/parents.   We also have a full time office manager to handle all student/parent related needs.  Our dance studio boasts over 1,300 sq. feet of dance floor.  Our studio flooring is a Harlequin Wood Floor Sprung Panel System.  This permanently installed dance floor is used by professional dance schools and companies worldwide.  We also offer over 45 feet of seamless mirrors and over 90 feet of bi-level barres.  There are two viewing windows for the enjoyment of our parents to observe classes.