The Fifth Street Center for Dance celebrated 20 years of dancing excellence last weekend with a show for the ages, cementing the center’s legacy in Fairmont.

Local dads and granddads enjoy spending time with their daughters and granddaughters by being involved in their dancing.

Addison and Emmalyn get to spend more time with their dad Jonathan Cunningham who considers himself a dance dad.

“I am the dance dad, I guess,” Cunningham said.

From music and dance to writing and theater, a variety of arts is on display during Arts Festival Day at Fairmont Catholic School each year.

Principal Richard Pellegrin said the annual event gives parents and members of the community an opportunity to come to the school to demonstrate different types of arts, and it’s a day students look forward to every year. He said it’s also a day that school leaders know is important.

Each year, the West Virginia University Dance Team hosts a dance camp that culminates in a game-day performance.

On the ninth day of Christmas my true love gave to me nine ladies dancing. These nine beautiful dancers from the Fifth Street Center for Dance rehearse a number for the studio’s 11th annual Christmas performance titled “Swing into Christmas.” The Christmas program featured ballet, jazz, tap and modern dance styles.

5th Street Middle & High School Dancers who made the 1st Semester Honor Roll.